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Modulator Single Side Band : MASW55



The MASW-55 modulators have been designed to provide adjacent channel compatibility and FCC Docket 21006 Frequency accuracy.The economical cost and professional quality, on channel audio/video modulator it maintains a full 55 dBmv output on any single VHF,including broadcast TV and Low band, Mid band, Super band channel. The MASW-55 is ideal for placing audio and video onto any unused VHF channel. Any standard audio/video source can be used such as satellite receivers, CCD cameras, DVD or television

demodulators. The MASW-55 has been designed by SAW Filter circuit. MASW-55 provides high quality, superior performance at an economical price. This make MASW-55 Perfect for small headend applications, Where price and quality is a major consideration.

  • SAW filtered for superior vestigial side band shaping.                   


  • Available in channels E2 thru S91 PAL B


  • Full +115dBμV output                                                     


  • Front panel -30dB test point


  • Low spurious harmonic output                                        


  • Rear panel AC convenience outlet.


  • Factory aligned to FCC Docket 21006 for Frequency                      


  • C.E and U.L listed


  • offset and stability.                                                                    


  • International models available on customer order


  • Both Audio carrier and Video carrier designed by high accurate     


  • One Year Limited warranty


  • Microprocessor P.L.L controlled Technology                                 


  • Compact size Rack Mount-1 EIA(1.75")


  • Professional picture quality.                                                        


  • Channel can be selected by dip-switch on PCB




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