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AC-16 Way Active Headend Combiner


The AC-16 is a high quality Active signal combiner capable of accepting up to 16 adjacent channels for use our modulator's headend system. The 30 dB minimum port-to-port isolation ensures combining without the combining without the potential interaction. The combiner employing directional coupler design principal to obtain High isolation between inputs. The combiner convenient method to combine the outputs of modulators,strip amplifier and processor.

: High Isolation
: Directional coupler design
: Rack Mount- EIA (1.75") Spacing,Rugged Chassis

:16 Input active combiner with built in hybrid amplifier
:16 Input and 1 output
: High Isolation and Low harmonics


Frequency                         : 54-860 MHz

Input Level (Max)               : +120 dBuv

Output Level (Max)             : +120 dBuv

Gain Control range             : -20 dB

Cross Modulation               : -57 dBc

Isolation                           : -40 dB

Power Requirement            : 230 VAC

Temperature range             : 0-50 degree

Dimension (LxDxH)             : 19"x4"x1.2"

Weight                               : 1.4 Kgs

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